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Race Car Parts


     Exhaust shield       $25.00

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    These plates are 1/8" thick aluminum and mount to the body to give your exhaust a
place to exit.The exit hole measures 3 7/8". These come with or without a 4"od x 4"
long piece of pipe welded to the backside for your header to meet up with.Engraving
is available, please inquire for specific details.


  Ballast brackets       $20.00pr.

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    These are available for any size round or square tube you may need. Both sides are
drilled and tapped 1/2-13.


Panhard bar bracket       $100.00

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These fit quick change rearends and are a beefy one inch thick. All edges are
machined with a nice 1/4" radius. Longer bolts are required for mounting. Available
in fine or course thread.

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